Today, women retire 40% poorer than men.

How is this still happening in 2022?

Why is no one talking about this?!

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Let’s be frank. Pensions weren't designed for you.

Today, you and your employer set aside some money every month for when you retire.

But this maths is based on you paying in every month for 40+ years.

We both know this isn't real life.

We take time away from work or go part-time - to have children, care for elderly parents, or try freelancing while we juggle it all.

But we don't find out about the impact this has on our savings until it's too late.

This leads to ridiculous stats like women leaving work with pension savings 40% smaller than men.

Yearly income
in retirement
Yearly income
in retirement
£ 10,000

Is there any good news?

At Talia, we believe that pensions shouldn't be hard. And they shouldn’t fill you with dread. Or contribute to climate change.

Join Talia and discover how pensions based on real life can help build your best future - and the planet’s.

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Introducing Talia

Talia lets you take control of how you save for the future.

We believe that every woman should have the tools and information to make financial decisions that are in her best interest. So we're giving it to you for free.


Working out how much to save for your future - and how to get there - shouldn’t be hard.

We’ve broken it down into easy steps and included the factors which reflect your real life.


There’s a common theme with other pensions: they're not designed for you! Talia is different.

Talking to Talia is just like having a chat with a friend who really knows their stuff.


Soon, Talia will be the one place to manage your pension, saving you from confusion 💂

Today, Talia helps you to Track and Discover.

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Designing pensions for a better world

Did you know that your choice of pension is the single most important way you can save the planet?‍

Pensions contribute 15x more to climate change than eating meat, and 92x more than flying.

That’s just wrong. So we’re making a stand from Day One: Talia will only offer sustainable pensions. Full stop.

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“We founded Talia because it’s ridiculous that we let women sleepwalk into retirement poverty."

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