Introducing Talia

Coming soon... the first pension that gives you
the power to build your future!

Women end up with 40% smaller pension savings than men. This is scandalous. So what can you do to change it?

Where do you start? You know you "probably should" look at your pension. When you do, you find the amount of information is overwhelming and full of jargon.

It's not you, it's just that no pension has been designed with you in mind before

Talia gives you the tools and information to build your goals and the context to know what parts apply to your life.

As you learn, Talia learns with you, giving you personalised information about the big questions.

With Talia, it's so easy to own your own decisions about how much you aim to save and how you get to get there. It's more power to you, which is great for us all.

3 ways Talia helps you

Free tools and information written by women, for women.
Little nudges to update your details as your life changes. New job, relationship or purchases? All useful reminders for your savings goal.
Coming soon... the control to top-up your pension when you want, from where you want, as often as you want.