Pensions, designed for the world

Talia is good for your future
and great for the planet

Did you know that your choice of pension is the single most important way you can save the planet?‍

Pensions contribute 15x more to climate change than eating meat, and 92x more than flying.

‍It’s likely that your current pension helps companies who pollute the oceans or cut down the rainforest. The scariest thing is that most people don't even know about this.

The Talia difference

Talia are working on building a sustainable pension offering, so watch this space. After all, what’s the point in saving for your future if the planet is imploding when it’s time for you to retire?

At Talia, we aim to keep the choice simple. You would only need to pick a plan based on when you want to retire, and we will make sure that it’s sustainable.